Timeline of Community Input

Timeline of Community Input

Central Park West was unanimously approved by Irvine City Council in 2004. Since that time, years of input and feedback from residents and community members have helped refine plans for the final corner of CPW. Now it’s time to complete the vision for Central Park West together!

Construction Update and Revisions to Final Corner – February 2018

Construction is progressing on Hudson, a 176-home neighborhood with structured parking that is located adjacent to Astoria. Major construction is anticipated to be complete with move-ins for new residents beginning this fall. The Tribeca condominiums anticipate move-ins in late summer 2018 with completion of the entire site anticipated late in the summer of 2019.


Rockefeller Park is currently under construction and is anticipated to be complete and ready to transfer to the Central Park West Community Association in late spring. This park is approximately one acre in size and will provide the community with a Junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, a wading pool, spa, showers, restrooms, shade structures, a multipurpose court suitable for pickle ball and play equipment developed for children aged two to five years of age and another for children seven to 12 years of age.  Landscaping and architecture have been incorporated that complement the design of the established community. Once the park is complete and turned over to the Community Association, the construction fencing along Rockefeller will be removed.


Based on community feedback, plans for the final corner of Central Park West are being revised to replace a major grocery store center with a smaller neighborhood market that will eliminate concerns raised by residents about thousands of car trips from non-CPW residents.

Planning Commission Workshop on Neighborhood Market – January 2016

At a Planning Commission Study Session on January 21, 2016, the Commission and CPW residents were presented with the findings of the access studies and design work. This presentation indicated traffic within CPW could be reduced by an alternative retail program that envisioned a smaller amount of 10,000 SF of Accessory Retail in the form of a neighborhood market that would serve the residents of CPW and not rely upon customers from outside the community for success.

Resident Survey Calls for Smaller Neighborhood Market – November 2015

The evaluation of access alternatives for a potential full-service grocery store at Central Park West confirmed there were limited options for additional access points.  At the same time, the developer was exploring alternatives to the full-service grocery store that would reduce traffic and noise impacts. This resulted in a proposed concept that incorporated a smaller neighborhood market.  CPW residents provided feedback in a community meeting and through a resident survey. Both showed the community overwhelmingly supported the smaller neighborhood market as the desired retail concept.

Analysis of Entry Points for Full-Service Grocery Store – March 2015

On March 19, 2015, the City of Irvine Planning Commission approved the Conditional Use Permit for the development located along the northern perimeter of the community along the freeway.  The developer agreed to evaluate alternative points of access for the retail component to reduce trips within the community associated with the grocery store. An appeal was filed and then withdrawn on April 23, 2015.

Analysis of Full-Service Grocery Store – November 2014

In 2014, the developer proposed an update to the Master Plan that enhanced the vision for the community while meeting the needs of existing residents and responding to market conditions.  The update envisioned fewer homes, additional shopping with the inclusion of a full-service grocery store, fewer trips by eliminating the office building and more areas for walking.


In November of 2014, following several open house meetings held at the CPW Clubhouse and testimony from CPW residents at the public hearing, the City of Irvine Planning Commission approved an update to the Master Plan that resulted in:

  • Elimination of 90,000 SF Office use
  • An increase in retail space from 19,700 SF to 26,668 SF
  • Reduction of total residential units from 1,380 to 1,275
  • Relocation of affordable housing to an alternative site in Irvine
  • Additional walking paths and enhanced park plan


To implement the next phase of the CPW Master Plan, the developer submitted Conditional Use Permits for the remaining undeveloped land.  CPW residents consistently expressed concerns regarding the development of the mixed-use parcel at the corner of Michelson and Jamboree.  While the inclusion of a grocery store was viewed as an amenity by some, many residents were very concerned about the noise and traffic such an operation would create.  The developer decided to revisit the plans for the mixed-use parcel.


Residents were also concerned about the size of the proposed homes, the setbacks along the mixed-use parcel adjacent to Rockefeller, additional amenities for new parcels and landscaping.