Frequently Asked Questions

How did we get here, and what is the process for moving forward on the final corner of Central Park West?
Central Park West was unanimously approved by the Irvine City Council in 2004, with office towers originally planned for the corner of Jamboree and Michaelson. The City Council approved a revised plan for the corner in 2014 that instead included a full-size grocery store. Since then, Lennar has spent years listening to residents and developing a final plan for the corner that includes a smaller neighborhood market and more open spaces. This new plan is reflective of community input and more compatible with the character of Central Park West than what is currently allowed. We anticipate the Irvine Planning Commission considering the change at a hearing in late 2019 or early 2020.
How is this new plan different from previous plans?
The new plan for the final corner of Central Park West replaces a full-size grocery store with a smaller neighborhood market and more open spaces. CPW residents will still gain access to a convenient selection of fresh produce, basic groceries, and beer and wine, but without all the traffic a full-size grocery store would generate. The smaller market also creates room for enhanced setbacks along Rockefeller, a winding paseo park, landscaped parkways and a new outdoor plaza for residents to gather and socialize.
What steps are being taken to address traffic and parking concerns?
The smaller neighborhood market is designed to primarily serve CPW residents, leading to fewer car trips than allowed under the current plan. All parking for the market and residential units will be accommodated in parking structures that will be hidden from view. Further, on-street parking will not be permitted along Rockefeller, between Teller and York.
What is the current status of the planned pedestrian bridge over Jamboree Road?
The Jamboree pedestrian bridge is a city-led project that will provide CPW residents safe and convenient access to shops and restaurants across the street within Park Place. This project is anticipated to break ground in mid-2020 and be complete within a year. Please contact the City at (949) 724-6000 for more information.
What steps is Lennar taking to limit impacts during construction? How long will construction take?
Lennar is committed to being a good neighbor to the residents of CPW while we construct the final portion of our community. We will meet or exceed the city of Irvine’s strict ordinances limiting construction times, noise levels and dust. In addition, our engineering plans will be designed to limit truck traffic and utilize new technologies to keep grading, dirt haul, dust and noise to a minimum. Following approval from the City, construction is anticipated to break ground in summer 2020 and be complete in mid-2023.
Will residents of the new development have access to CPW’s master amenities?
Residents of the new community will pay dues to both the master association and a sub-association, like other homeowners within CPW.  Their sub-association dues will cover maintenance of the new buildings and their related amenities, including their own gym. They will also pay into the master association to cover their share of costs related to the pool, clubhouse and other community-wide assets.

What is the average unit size within the four new residential buildings?
By eliminating the larger grocery store and modifying the building layouts, the average unit size within the proposed community is 1,930 square feet. The smallest unit size is now 1,347 square feet. The increased unit sizes will help to deter rentals and promote owner occupation.
How does the neighborhood market plan to operate?
The neighborhood market is planned to be an amenity for all CPW residents and good neighbor to the surrounding homeowners. Delivery trucks will load and unload all shipments within the parking structure – not along Rockefeller.  It will operate during normal business hours, providing convenient access to all of your basic grocery needs.