In 2014, the developer proposed an update to the Master Plan that enhanced the vision for the community while meeting the needs of existing residents and responding to market conditions.  The update envisioned fewer homes, additional shopping with the inclusion of a full-service grocery store, fewer trips by eliminating the office building and more areas for walking.


In November of 2014, following several open house meetings held at the CPW Clubhouse and testimony from CPW residents at the public hearing, the City of Irvine Planning Commission approved an update to the Master Plan that resulted in:

  • Elimination of 90,000 SF Office use
  • An increase in retail space from 19,700 SF to 26,668 SF
  • Reduction of total residential units from 1,380 to 1,275
  • Relocation of affordable housing to an alternative site in Irvine
  • Additional walking paths and enhanced park plan


To implement the next phase of the CPW Master Plan, the developer submitted Conditional Use Permits for the remaining undeveloped land.  CPW residents consistently expressed concerns regarding the development of the mixed-use parcel at the corner of Michelson and Jamboree.  While the inclusion of a grocery store was viewed as an amenity by some, many residents were very concerned about the noise and traffic such an operation would create.  The developer decided to revisit the plans for the mixed-use parcel.


Residents were also concerned about the size of the proposed homes, the setbacks along the mixed-use parcel adjacent to Rockefeller, additional amenities for new parcels and landscaping.

Analysis of Full-Service Grocery Store – November 2014